If you didn’t know that you can’t use your personal Facebook profile to run an online business, now you do. This is a part of Facebook’s user policy and if the platform notices any such activities, your account could be suspended. So with that in mind, where do you turn to for your online marketing needs? Create a business page! In this article, we’ll cover how to switch your Facebook account to a business account. We’ll share all the tips and tricks to successfully create a business page, too.

Things to Know Before Converting a Personal Facebook Profile to a Business Page

Before the conversion process begins, you should be aware of what it entails. Of course, there are some things to bear in mind before you go ahead and turn your account into a page. You should only decide to make a page if you are fine with the following terms and conditions:

  • Only one Facebook account can be made into a page, only once.
  • Converting your account into a page does not mean you’re going to lose your personal profile data. In fact, when you make a page, you’ll have a page in addition to your personal account
  • Facebook will make a copy of your cover photo and profile picture, then it will add it to your new page. This will be the case until you add different images to their respective places according to your business needs.
  • The platform also has a tool to copy all of your personal information from your account to the page. This is an option for public figures that prefer using that same information on their official page as well.
  • Your friends on your personal account can be invited to like your page.
  • The page can be managed through your personal profile.

What Will Happen When You Convert a Personal Facebook Profile to a Business Page

Whether you’re a public figure or a small business owner, the process of converting your personal Facebook account into a page is the same for everyone. There are a few differences between a personal account and a page. And once you’ve made a page, these will become more apparent to you.

For example, unlike with a personal profile, people who connect to your page will be called your followers instead of friends. You can gain these followers by inviting as many people as you can to like your page In addition to that, as soon as you make a Facebook page you’ll start having to take care of something known as the “reach”. A reach refers to the number of potential buyers or an audience that you reach through your posts. In turn, this reach converts into more sales, and therefore more revenue.

Thankfully, Facebook has introduced several tools to improve your reach. These tools are usually paid for but there are many cheap, simple steps that you can take to organically increase your reach. Most businesses come up with an extensive social media strategy to help them make regular posts and increase their audience and reach. But let’s first go over how you can make a page in the first place.

How to Convert a Personal Facebook Profile to a Business Page?

Step 1: Back up all your data

If you plan on deleting your personal account and shifting entirely to a page, then you should back up all your data first. This is because only your profile picture and name are carried forward to your page.

  1. Go to the settings option from the dropdown menu on the left corner of Facebook Web. You can also click on the three bars on the Facebook app.
  2. Then go to “Your Facebook information”, and click on “Download your data”
  3. Next, request a copy of all your data, and select a date range.
  4. Once a copy is available, Facebook will notify you, and you can download it.

Step 2: Modify the name and address on your profile

For those who have over 200 friends on Facebook, you wouldn’t be able to change the name of your page once it’s made. So to get around that, you can instead change the name and address of your profile.

To do this you need to head over to “Settings” and go to “General Settings”. There you can change your personal information such as name and address. However, you should keep in mind that once changed, your name can’t be changed again for another 60 days. So choose a name carefully.

Step 3: Convert your profile into a page

Before making a page out of your profile, make sure you assign yourself or anyone else you might want to have the admin role. Go to the “Create a Page” option, and then click on “Get Started”. On the following page, choose the category that your business lies in. Then on the friends and followers page, you can choose the friends you want to invite that will like your page.

Next, select the pictures or videos you want to copy onto your page. Finally, review the page settings, and hit create. You finish setting up your page by updating the profile picture and cover photo, as well as following the on-screen instructions.


Having a dedicated business page might help with your business’ brand. It can help with the business’s identity, and help you reach more potential buyers. Therefore, making a business page should be a top priority for you.

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