How to Pay for Facebook Likes & Followers

If you’ve been obsessed with growing your Facebook page, you already know how challenging it can be to get more likes, follows, and customers. Seeing those sites that offer tempting deals of selling likes for a few dollars is something many page owners consider. If you decide to pay for Facebook page likes, that’s not a crime. But, is it the right thing to do, and will you benefit from the likes?

In this article, you’ll learn all there is to know about buying likes, how they can influence your business, and which strategies you can try to grow your numbers.

What Are Fake Facebook Likes?

Can you pay for likes on Facebook? Yes, you can purchase likes and followers on this social media platform, and many users who want to grow their business page do this. However, before you decide to splurge on increasing your follower count or the number of page likes, you should know a thing or two about fake likes.

Fake Facebook likes are a social media service that can do more harm than good for your business. If you’re considering growing by paying for fake likes and followers, you should change your strategy before getting fooled by the websites that promise the stars. These are, unfortunately, likes from generic profiles that are not interested in what you have to offer. If you’re still considering giving your money away to one of these services, you should hear the top three reasons why you should forget about the idea.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Facebook Likes

Purchasing Facebook likes is a common thing among users, but is it the right thing to do? As we mentioned above, this isn’t a smart idea, and we’re about to list the most important reasons why you should get real Facebook likes.

Fake Likes Don’t Bring Sales

Unfortunately, fake followers are not going to be your new customers. Why would you like to invest in false likes when they don’t increase your sales? The main reason why you would create a Facebook page is to promote your products and services. So, as long as you have active profiles following you, you’ll also have potential customers. But, since fake profiles aren’t active, there’s no chance they will purchase anything you have to offer. It’s true that some users find these likes and follows a useful social media marketing strategy, but that won’t last long. They will only help you temporarily increase your numbers, and you’ll watch them disappear one by one.

It’s Bad Business

What if businesses or brands buy fake likes and their potential customers notice that? It definitely won’t be good for business. People hate it when a page or a business is popular because of false followers, so some of them might decide to unfollow or stop supporting your brand.

This whole situation is also bad for business in terms of you not getting any income. Fake followers and likes don’t spend money on your product, so you don’t really have any benefit aside from having a higher follower count and more likes. You’re just creating a false illusion of your brand instead of keeping it real and getting more supporters because of quality content, products, and services.

Low Engagement

Contrary to popular opinion, fake likes won’t increase your engagement rate. This is because these likes aren’t from real people; instead, they come from fake accounts. In other words, there is no person behind those profiles, and there’s no one to engage with your content.

Yes, once you buy the likes, you’ll immediately see an increase in your like count, but that will soon change. Although buying likes and followers is not against the terms of service of this social network, Facebook still keeps an eye on fake accounts and deactivates them. So, you may lose a lot of your fake followers and likes soon after you’ve purchased them.

People forget how meaningful engagement is. Most users that decide to pay for likes on Facebook are under the impression that the more likes they have, the more popular they’ll be. That’s not the case because the profiles behind the likes should also engage in terms of commenting, sharing, visiting your page, and purchasing your products.

Facebook’s algorithm will notice that your recent posts have only received likes, and it can decide not to show it to your actual real followers. This can significantly lower your engagement and have a negative impact on your work.

How To Get More Facebook Likes Organically: 7 Tactics That Actually Work

Now that you have a better idea of how harmful buying fake followers and likes can be, let’s see which tactics will actually work.

1. Try Facebook Ads

Ads on Facebook are a great way to promote your content. They are highly efficient because they focus on the audience that you want to target. There is no need to pay for Facebook followers or likes when you can invest in an ad that will reach the right people and bring them to your products. In this case, these will be real accounts that belong to the age group, gender, and location that you want to target.

You can pair the ads with a giveaway or with coupons. When Facebook users click on your ad, they will see that you’re hosting a giveaway or that you offer certain discount coupons.

2. Invest in an Organic Facebook Growth Service

Buying real likes is a much better alternative than splurging on fake ones! Yes, this is an option, and it means that real profiles engage with your Facebook posts. This is a carefully selected target audience that likes your content, is interested in what you post, and will engage in commenting, liking, sharing, and purchasing.

Our team at Vervebook uses the latest proprietary AI technology to figure out which demographics will engage with your Facebook profile the most. Once we do, we get in touch with real people that have a great potential of becoming your most trustworthy followers. Imagine gaining around 5,000 organic followers each month! It can literally change the course of your business because the accounts we send your way are proven to love what you have to offer.  

3. Post High-Quality Content

Every Facebook post on your page should be carefully crafted, meaningful, and high-quality. Avoid sharing topics that aren’t related to your niche just to start a conversation. There is a reason why people like your page, and one of those is that you’re sharing content related to the niche. The posts should be short and sweet, straight to the point, with eye-catching images. Double-check them for grammar mistakes and research when it is the best time to post.

 4. Create an Amazing Facebook Page

Your page should be aesthetically pleasing and offer an excellent user experience. Start with a name that’s easy to find. Next, focus on uploading a high-resolution profile photo and cover photo. These are the two pictures your visitors will see, so you want to leave an unforgettable first impression. Finally, add links to your other social media profiles and your blog as well.

 5. Cross-Promote

Using more than one social media service is a thing of the future. You can’t expect to reach all the potential audience only via Facebook. Other platforms such as Instagram and Twitter can help you get to new people who can become your customers. That’s why cross-promotion on several platforms should become a part of your marketing strategy.

6. Research Your Audience And Competition

There’s nothing more important than knowing who you should sell to. Not all age groups and genders will be interested in your products. So, research your audience and see who responded best to your posts and bought what you have to offer.

Taking a look at the competition is always a smart idea. Of course, you shouldn’t copy what they do, but getting familiar with their marketing tricks and techniques can be very helpful.

7. Host Contests

Contests are one of the best growth strategies to utilize on Facebook. They not only bring real likes, but they’ll also make your content shareable. In other words, people will see your contest post, will share it, and even more people will see it. According to recent research, 81% of respondents find interactive content such as contests and giveaways more effective in capturing their attention and making them take action.


Is paying for Facebook likes worth it? Buying real Facebook likes is the only time when this action will be beneficial to your page. If you invest in fake followers and likes, you can end up with lower engagement rates, lose your existing customers, and won’t increase your sales.

So, long story short, aside from getting organic likes and follows, you can also try Facebook ads, focus on high-quality content, create a unique page, host contests, research your audience, competition, and cross-promote on various social platforms. These strategies are proven to bring success and boost your sales.

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