Ways to Make My Facebook Photos Private

With billions of members and much more interaction, Facebook has established itself as a go-to social network. While most individuals like sharing their tales and photographs on the site, others are concerned about their privacy and would like to have extra safeguards.

Fortunately, Facebook now provides a variety of privacy settings alternatives. If, like many of us, you are wondering how to make my Facebook photos private, keep reading.

How to Be Private on Facebook?

Even while many of us like social media sharing and want to grow Facebook likes, there are those who believe otherwise. And, while we can all agree that privacy should be the first priority on all platforms, Facebook is one step ahead of the competition by providing a plethora of privacy options.

You can post a variety of items on Facebook, but you may also customize the app to your taste. This means you can hide a comment, make your photographs accessible just to friends, turn off active status, and other features.

With so many choices, we are going to concentrate on making your photographs private today.

Facebook Photo Privacy

When the social network was launched, all of the photographs that were submitted were public and visible to everyone. Because the software evolved over time, so did the privacy settings. 

We can now pick who may see our photographs, adjust the visibility of those we have submitted, and even evaluate tagged photos before they are placed on our wall. Everything except the profile photo and cover photos can be made private.

All of these privacy measures provide us peace of mind and a certain amount of privacy but bear in mind that even private photographs may be screenshotted, shared, and abused.

4 Ways to Make My Facebook Photos Private

On the platform, there are several choices for photo privacy, and we will examine the most popular ones. There are several alternatives available depending on the sort of photo you wish to make private.

Photos can be:

Public – Available for everyone with internet access;

Friends – Only available for your Facebook group of friends;

Only me – Can be seen only by the creator;

Custom – You can add friends list who can see the photos, or exclude the ones that can’t.

1. Uploading New Photos 

Photos shared on Facebook can be set to private from the start. The procedure of sharing photographs on Facebook is straightforward, and making them private requires only one more step.

  • Access your Facebook account;
  • Select Photos;
  • Insert a new photo or album;
  • While editing, look for the Public button next to your name.
  • Select the desired audience from the drop-down menu.
  • Make the photo public.

Depending on your choices, this will make any photo or a whole album private or public. Furthermore, this option will be transferred to the next photo you post, so keep it in mind if you wish to modify it later.

2. Making Existing Photos Private

You can modify your privacy choices after you have already published a photo, just like you may change your privacy preferences before you publish a photo. Here’s how to do it:

  • Access your profile page;
  • Click photos you wish to modify;
  • Hover your mouse over the three dots in the upper-right corner;
  • Choose the edit button;
  • Select the desired privacy option from the drop-down menu;

This is a time-consuming but effective method for selecting individual photos for which you wish to modify the privacy settings.

3. Making Photo Album Private

Another effective approach to modify the privacy settings is to choose a whole album and change the options there. 

To do so, you must:

  • Log in to your account;
  • Navigate to the album you wish to modify;
  • Select the three dots to modify the album;
  • On the left side you can see the privacy options;
  • Select the right one and save your edits

4. Managing Tagged Photos

Photos uploaded to Facebook are not always there because we uploaded them. Since this social network has a tagging feature available your friends and family can add photos of you, also.

If you are not sure about those photos and would love to see for yourself if they deserve to be on your wall, then there are some privacy options you can use.

Before the photos are automatically uploaded to your wall you can access the timeline and tagging settings to filter out what will and will not appear on your wall or be seen by only your friends.

Final Thoughts

Although Facebook is an amazing place to promote your business, ideas and content, and to grow your account, some people love to add more privacy. Luckily there is an option that allows you to set just the right preferences for you.

So, whether you want to select which tagged photos are shown, who can see your posted photos or more, now you know how to do it.

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