The #1 Organic Facebook Likes Grow Service

Obtenez 5 000 likes de votre page Facebook chaque mois

Notre méthodologie de croissance organique vous permet d'obtenir régulièrement les résultats que vous attendez, sans tracas.

Conformité aux CGU de Facebook

Optimisation par l'IA

Followers ciblés et spécifiques à une niche

Technologie "Set It - Forget It"

Dépêchez-vous ! Nous n'acceptons plus que 6 places cette semaine !

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Get 5,000 Facebook Page Likes Every Month

The #1 Organic Facebook Growth Service

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Conformité aux CGU de Facebook

Targeted Niche Specific Page Likes​

AI Powered Optimization

Set It - Forget It Technology

Dépêchez-vous ! Nous n'acceptons plus que 6 places cette semaine !

Témoignages de clients

De vrais avis, de vrais clients VerveBook

Dépêchez-vous ! Nous n'acceptons plus que 6 places cette semaine !

Grow Facebook Likes in Just 3 Simple Steps

Want to grow Facebook likes and expand your audience reach? Vervebook can help you in this case. We’re leading experts in the industry, offering organic and real followers to clients. We provide impressive techniques using cutting-edge technologies to help you reach your Facebook page goals.

Dites-nous quel est votre public cible

We will try to understand your target demographics, their interests, and the social networks they use. You need to tell us about your target audience to help us create a strategic campaign. We will devise a niche-specific, highly targeted, and unique marketing strategy to interact with your audience.



Dites-nous quel est votre public cible

Donnez-nous quelques informations sur votre public cible et nous nous assurerons que tous vos nouveaux abonnés sont très ciblés, qu'ils appartiennent à des niches spécifiques et qu'ils sont susceptibles de s'intéresser à votre contenu. Votre gestionnaire de compte dédié supervisera le processus.


Nous attirons leur attention

Grabbing the attention of your audience is our primary priority. For this, we practice the Mother/Child method that allows us to engage with your target audience. We will DM hundreds of people daily, which will be something like that: "Hi, We glad you like our content. Check out our page (your page name) for more interesting and valuable content.”


Nous attirons leur attention

Nous utilisons la méthode mère/enfant pour développer votre compte. En fonction de la formule choisie, nous créons entre 25 et 100 comptes Instagram, Twitter ou Reddit en votre nom. Ces comptes envoient des DM à des centaines de personnes chaque jour, les encourageant à visiter votre page.

Augmentez le nombre d'utilisateurs de votre page

Get real Facebook likes with the help of our strategic and impressive methods. We use Mother/Child method to direct thousands of people to your page without using illegal methods. A designated manager will manage your account to ensure that you get more likes and followers in a short time.



Augmentez le nombre d'utilisateurs de votre page

Notre approche mère/enfant permet de diriger des milliers de nouveaux visiteurs vers votre page sans avoir besoin de votre mot de passe Facebook. Il vous suffit de nous fournir le nom de votre page et nous vous enverrons du trafic grâce à notre armée de comptes de médias sociaux.

Dépêchez-vous ! Nous n'acceptons plus que 6 places cette semaine !

Amélioration basée sur l'IA

AI technology has changed the game in different industries. Why not use it in your favor? Vervebook uses AI technology to reach Facebook users and compel them to buy your services or products. This intuitive and impressive technology helps us to only target people who are truly interested in your content, improving brand awareness and recognition.

Caractéristiques de VerveBook

Juste une petite sélection de ce que nous avons à offrir

Croissance rapide

Looking for fast Facebook like growth? We can help you gain organic and free Facebook likes and followers.

Augmentez votre influence sociale

We help you build social influence that encourages your audience to stick by your side and follow you for life.

Public ciblé

Vervebook targets your customers through account targeting and hashtag strategies to achieve an organic audience.

Filtrage des concurrents

Modern tools help us interact with a competitor's audience that’s more likely to be interested in your niche.

Why Should You Grow Your
Facebook Page Likes with Us?

We use organic and strategic marketing methods to help you get likes on Facebook. Well, we don't use any illegal techniques, saving you from dealing with any problem. Here are some benefits of working with us.


Facebook changes its algorithms and laws often. Our engineers and marketing team work together to keep your Facebook page up to date with Facebook's policies to get better results.

Consultation individuelle

You can discuss your requirements and needs with our experts. This will help you get the results you are looking for and help professionals deliver what you need.

Optimisation par l'IA

Vervebook leverages AI technology to offer amazing results. Using high-tech AI optimization, your designated manager will help grow your account through target marketing.

Assistance 24/7

You can contact us if you ever face trouble in the middle of your marketing journey. Our skilled, trained, and experienced team of experts will always be there to help and support you by answering all your questions.

Sécurité au niveau de la banque

We offer bank-graded security to our clients. This helps us protect and secure your personal data and content information. You can rely on us for the privacy and security of your Facebook account.

Conforme aux CGU de Facebook

Using our extensive knowledge about Facebook policies and rules, we practice marketing methods that don't violate Facebook's likes and following policies. This way, you don’t have to worry of penalties and unexpected suspensions.


For many businesses, budget is the main problem. We offer several plans that fall within your budget. We offer affordable services that help you get more Facebook likes than any other marketing method.

Pas de téléchargement

Vervebook offers cloud-based technology that prevents you from downloading any tool, system, or software. You only need to subscribe to our services and allow our marketing team to do it for you.

Régler et oublier

You can easily start your campaign by subscribing to our services and selecting a few options. After that, all you need to do is create valuable content that will interest your audience and leave the marketing task to us.

Dépêchez-vous ! Nous n'acceptons plus que 6 places cette semaine !

Combien d'argent puis-je gagner
Avec ma page Facebook ?

Après 6 mois avec VerveBook, vous pouvez vous attendre à ce que votre page augmente de 30 000 followers.
Supposons que vous publiez deux messages par jour et que 25 % d'entre eux soient des messages sponsorisés.

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Page Likez
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Profit mensuel d'une page Facebook avec 30k Page Likez

Recettes provenant de la diffusion de messages :

Avec 30 000 pages aimées, les marques vous paieront en moyenne 300 $ par article sponsorisé.


Valeur publicitaire des messages de profil

Avec 30 000 pages aimées, chaque message du profil aura une moyenne de 7 500 impressions, ce qui équivaut à 60 $ de dépenses publicitaires.


Total des gains

$8,100 par mois

Demandez-vous si vous pouvez vous permettre de ne pas développer votre page Facebook.

Dépêchez-vous ! Nous n'acceptons plus que 6 places cette semaine !

La preuve est dans les résultats
Comptes réels. Une vraie croissance.

Page Likez
Avant Vervebook

Page J'aime
Après Vervebook

Dépêchez-vous ! Nous n'acceptons plus que 6 places cette semaine !

Choisissez votre forfait


Commencez à cibler et à attirer des pages aimées

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40 comptes Facebook qui vous envoient du trafic

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Une croissance accélérée pour des résultats sérieux

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Une croissance nettement plus rapide. Conçu pour les influenceurs et les entreprises en devenir

80 comptes Facebook qui vous envoient du trafic

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Le service à la croissance la plus rapide du marché

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par semaine

Une croissance organique exceptionnelle. Le service de croissance de Facebook le plus rapide du marché.

200 comptes Facebook qui vous envoient du trafic

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Vous avez encore des questions ?
Nous avons les réponses

Vervebook is the best platform to increase your Facebook followership and likes. We offer impressive and promising services that turn your online presence around. Once you subscribe to a plan, you’ll start noticing a difference in followers, likes, shares, and comments. Yes, our thoughtful design marketing strategy will improve every aspect of your page.

With our high-quality services, you can boost sales. We use the Mother/Child method and AI technology to create highly targeted campaigns that grab customers’ attention. Our team will interact with your target demographic and help you get more likes on Facebook. Also, we ensure to consider Facebook laws and policies to design campaigns. Brand awareness and recognition will go a long way and help you achieve your goals.

Yes! Vervebook is absolutely safe to grow Facebook likes. We have a highly trained and fully equipped team that allows them to practice safe and effective techniques. Our bank-level security protects your data and personal information. Also, we use a systematic method to reduce the risk of fraud and data leakages.

We’re one of the leading social media marketing agencies that help you improve your online presence at an affordable cost and with zero fuss. Until now, we’ve helped around 7,500 accounts, and not one of them has ever faced security and privacy problems. Due to our ability to think about intricate details and consider all factors, we also make sure to comply with Facebook’s like limitations. Hence, once you contact us, your data will be safe with us.

There are no limits on our services. Whether you’re a popular celebrity, agency, or company, our services can help you gain more traction on Facebook. Whatever your niche, industry, and content, our Facebook marketing strategies will help you get likes on Facebook.

Vervebook uses strategies and methods that are easily customizable based on your industry. Our team of experts will first understand your target audience and what interests them. They will then create a marketing plan that attracts them in less time. Also, we use targeted methods that work best for every type of niche.

There’s no definite number of followers you will gain. It depends on several factors, such as your niche, products or services, type of content, expectations, and profile layout. Though we use standard methods to attract an audience to grow the target audience for our entire client, they’ve seen a different number of likes in the same period of time. While we can’t give you a figure, we guarantee to give better results than any other marketing plan.

In general, we’ve helped our clients gain 3,000 to 5,000 or more followers per month. If not more, you can expect a follower growth of somewhere near that figure. If you want specific services, we can offer customized services. This can help you gain the number of followers you’re planning for, as well as help you get Facebook post likes.

We provide long lists of packages. Though the main goal of each plan is to boost Facebook likes, they might offer different results. Vervebook has designed different plans so clients can choose one based on their budget. Higher packages offer faster results, while plans with a low cost might take some time to reach the number of likes you need.

You can discuss your requirements with our representative if you have any specific needs and want a package that falls within your budget. They help you understand the pros and cons of each plan. Also, they’ll guide you on which plan will fall within your budget. However, don’t worry if you’re choosing the lowest cost plan. All the packages are designed to offer new followers and Facebook likes while improving brand awareness.

You can cancel the free trial at any time. There will be no charges or penalties for canceling the subscription. So, if you just need to test our services, you can get a free trial. We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Yes, we will refund your money when you cancel, no questions asked.

Vervebook offers month to month subscription policy. So, the money will be deducted from your account after the free trial. But when you claim a refund, we will transfer your money back in a few days. You can also cancel the plan without asking for a refund. This way, our team of experts will continue to grow your Facebook likes until the end of the month.

We make sure that our client doesn’t face any problems. Therefore, we offer a refund and cancellation option. You can cancel your subscription at any time, i.e., during and after the trial period. The cancelation process is easy and simple, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

You can also refund after cancellation. We will transfer the money back to your account in a few days. No more worries about going through a hassle for your refund. In addition, you don’t have to answer any questions or pay penalties. So, if you’re unsatisfied with our services or have achieved your goals, you can cancel your subscription without any issue.

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