Green Dot on Facebook

Facebook is a social media giant that has a user base of over 1 billion people from all across the globe. Facebook is also one of the most popularly downloaded apps on the Google Play Store. With its large user base, the Facebook Messenger app is a great way to connect and chat with different people. We are well aware that the green dot on Facebook represents that someone is online. However, have you ever wondered whether it applies to the Facebook app itself or Messenger specifically? Let’s find out.

What Is a Green Dot on Facebook?

The social media giant invented the green dot, which proved to be a useful method of showing if somebody is active or not. You can find this green dot next to your friend’s profile picture. Simply examine the area under their username; it should be pretty obvious to spot.

Where Does Facebook Show the Green Dot?

What does the green dot mean on Facebook

Facebook shows you the green dot next to a person’s profile picture if they’re actively engaging on Facebook. So what is the difference between the green dot and “Active Now”? Sometimes we close the Facebook app and do other stuff without realizing that the app is still running in the background.

This means that we aren’t using the app, but since we didn’t close the app properly, the green dot is still showing up. Facebook dealt with this issue by introducing the “Active Now” feature, which tells a person is actively using Facebook in real-time. “Active Now” is a much better indicator if you’re trying to figure out whether a person is online or not.

What Does a Green Dot Indicate on the Facebook Messenger App?

Like we said before, the green dot appears next to your friend’s profile picture to show that the individual is online. It has, however, been confirmed that the green dot only indicates that a person is online on Facebook. There is no specific data through which you can find out whether the individual is active on the Facebook App, web browser, or Messenger app.

What Does the Green Dot Indicate on a Facebook Webpage?

You can also find this green dot on the Facebook webpage while using Facebook on your computer. Just like in the Messenger app, if you see your friend’s profile with the green dot button on the website, it means they are currently active in real-time. On a website, the green dot appears on the person’s profile page. So if you want to check your friend’s online status, you should consider simply clicking on their profile and checking.

What Does the Green Dot Mean on Messenger?

It shows that someone is actively interacting on Facebook. It is a confirmation of their online status. You will see the green dot when people on your friend list are active. Also, remember that you will only be able to see someone else’s active status if you have yours turned on as well. Facebook lists all the people in your friend’s group who are currently active and using the app or website.

What Does the Green Dot Next to a Video Mean?

You can find the green dot when you click on the person’s name on Messanger. The green dot present next to the video icon tells you that you can contact the person for a face-to-face video session.  Because all devices have cameras, the green dot corresponds with the person being online. If you don’t allow Facebook to access your camera, then you will only be able to see the green dot on the individual’s profile picture.

The Accuracy of the Facebook Green Dot

You cannot entirely trust the green dot. This is mainly due to the fact that the Facebook application (similar to other apps) keeps working in the background until you actively stop it.

In simpler terms, you will continue seeing the green dot even if your friend isn’t using the application. As mentioned earlier, this is why Facebook introduced “Active Now.” This feature lets a person know whether the person is using the application or not. This feature also monitors the activity of individuals on the application. It tells you that the person is using the app, commenting on posts, etc.

How to Remove the Green Dot on Facebook and the Messenger App?

You can remove the green dot so that people aren’t aware of your online presence. However, if you remove your active status, then you can’t see if other people are online either. A crucial point to keep in mind here is that it is only applicable to the mobile or computer you’re changing the settings on. If you want to switch off your online presence on all devices, you will have to do it one by one.

Here is a simple guide to removing the green dot from your Facebook and Messenger App:

 For iPhone and Android

  • Install the Messenger app on your phone.
  • Click your profile picture and open the settings.
  • Select “Active Status” and turn the setting off.

For a Web Browser

  • Open Facebook Messenger.
  • Log in.
  • Click on settings in the top-left corner next to your profile picture.
  • Turn the “Active status” option off.


Now you know what the green dot means on Facebook and the Messenger app. You can easily check who’s active on the app and web browser. Every device shows you the green dot when someone is online. And if you want to ensure that no one sees your active status, we have an easy guide to help you with that. We hope we’ve answered all your queries regarding the green dots on Facebook and Messenger. Please get in touch with us if you have any other questions.

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