How to Block Someone On Facebook

Your Facebook profile is a very personal thing. It contains a significant amount of sensitive information like your name, birth date, location, and photos. Your work history, your relationships, your major life highlights, and even your daily routine are there for everyone to see. So, it’s important to safeguard all these, so you won’t fall victim to identity theft, blackmail, or any other serious crimes.

One way to keep yourself safe on the internet is by using the blocking feature on Facebook. This prevents Facebook users you block from:

·         Viewing your profile

·         Seeing your Facebook posts and comments

·         Sending you messages

·         Sending you friend requests

·         Sending you event invites 

This restriction is more or less permanent if you just leave them in your Blocked Users list.

Why Block Someone on Facebook?

The main reason everyone has for blocking people on the social media platform is to keep themselves safe – Safe from people you know or don’t know yet.

Facebook is a free platform that everyone has access to. Literally, anyone can have an account, even unsavory characters. You may choose not to associate with these people through Facebook, or on any social networks, for that matter.

You may also have acquaintances in real life that you’ve accidentally added or forced by circumstances to be your Facebook friend. Such persons being your boss, your meddlesome relatives, your nosey neighbors, your obnoxious workmate, your whiny friend, your friend’s future ex, your friend who keeps posting and reposting photos of their food and travels, and the list goes on. You wouldn’t want these people to know everything you’re up to. Plus, you don’t really care much for what they’re doing with their lives.

So, to save yourself from stalkers, scammers, toxic people, and awkward situations learn how to block someone on Facebook. It’s so easy and fast, the person won’t even know they’ve been blocked.

Blocking, Snoozing, Unfollowing, Unfriending: What’s the Diff?

Before blocking someone on Facebook, you may want to look at alternatives that can also give you the privacy and peace that you need.

There are various ways you can take a breather from your friends on Facebook. You can do this using the several approaches the platform has to offer. Each option has its pros and cons, so, just choose the one that does what you want to happen. No need to worry about any awkwardness, because none of these actions will notify the targeted person.

·         Snoozing

If your friend is on a ranting spree because they’re going through a rough time in their life, you can just choose to snooze them. For a peaceful 30 days, you won’t see their hourly hate posts.

During this period, you can still show what a good friend you are by sending them encouraging words and funny GIFs through messages.

After a month, their posts will automatically be reintegrated into your news feed like usual. Hopefully, by then, they’ve moved on with their life and post cool and fun stuff like normal people do.

·         Unfollowing

If you have friends who constantly share content you don’t really care for, you can opt to unfollow them. Choosing this route means you won’t see their posts for as long as you don’t want to.

Should you miss their idiosyncrasies, you can still send each other messages. Besides, you can simply undo this by following them again. Adding some surprise to your life certainly keeps it interesting 

·         Unfriending

Sometimes, there are just people you have to cut out of your life – like your ex, for example. Keeping that person on your list is bound to cause some headache. It’s good to just unfriend them entirely. 

This will take them off your Facebook friends list. They won’t see your posts, you won’t see theirs either unless the post is public.

You can still send messages to each other even if you’re not friends anymore. This opens up the possibility of a post-breakup date. Do you really want that?

·         Blocking

This is the ultimate form of F.O. You might not even be Facebook friends yet, but you can already tell them to buzz off by choosing this option.

Neither of you can see the other’s posts. You can’t exchange messages either. As far as you’re concerned, they don’t exist, at least on Facebook.

The great part is they won’t be notified that they’ve been blocked. Nothing will remind them of you, so you can start ignoring each other right off the bat.

How to Block Someone on Facebook

Blocking a person or a page can be temporary or permanent, that’s all up to you. The best part about it is the person you want to block won’t be notified of what you’ve done. They will only find out about it when they try to search for your profile or send you a message because they won’t be able to.

Block Someone On Facebook

If you’re sure that blocking the person is the only way to attain that much-coveted peace of mind, just follow the instructions below. You can do this for your personal account or a business page you own. This guide applies to any operating system you may be using. 

These are the steps on how to block someone on Facebook using a desktop:

1.    On a web browser, go to Facebook.

2.    On the upper right corner, click on the down arrow (Account icon).

3.    Choose Settings and Privacy.

4.    Click Settings.

5.    To the left is a list, select Blocking.

6.    In the box beside Block users, type in the account name of the person or page you want to block.

7.    Click the Block button and a pop-up will appear showing a list of names.

8.    Select Block next to the name of the person or page you want to block.

9.    A confirmation pop-up will appear giving you details on what will happen when you block someone. Click Block [name].

10.  The blocked person’s name will now appear under Block users.

Tip: You can also go directly to the account page of the person you want to block. Click the three dots on the right, and then choose Block.

To block someone using the Facebook mobile app, follow these steps:

1.    Open the Facebook app and log in.

2.    Go to the person’s page.

3.    Under the account name, press the three dots.

4.    Select Block.

5.    Tap Block on the confirmation box.

Congratulations! You have successfully removed all that toxicity from your life!  You can now wake up to a Facebook feed filled with positivity to start your day right.

If one day, you wake up feeling social and that you’re ready to take on the world and everything that comes with it, you can easily unblock someone on Facebook.

1.    Go to your Account Settings and choose Blocking.

2.    Select Unblock next to the person’s name on your blocked persons list.

3.    Send the person a Friend Request to be able to connect with each other again. 

The person may accept your invite and be friends with you again. Then you can go on living as if you’ve never tried to remove them from your life even for just a short period.

In Summary

Regular purging of negativity in your life is actually a healthy habit everyone should adopt. There are already so many problems in the world; you don’t need the extra baggage of other people’s toxicity.

Should you want to prioritize getting popular on Facebook, no need to lament the loss of possible likes from the people on your blocked list. No need to rely on them to engage with your posts. You can simply avail of our services on Vervebook, so you can sit back and watch as your page get Facebook likes and earn you money.

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