How to Post Reels on Facebook

Short video format content has taken over the world of social media. We may not have noticed how fast it has become one of the main ways we consume video content, but that is just a testament to how effective they are as a media for creators.

We cannot talk about short video type of content without mentioning TikTok. TikTok, albeit not taken seriously in the beginning, has shattered all misconceptions about it by showing the world the undeniable power of how an 8-minute video can deliver a complete and clear message.

It may have taken a while before every other social media platform followed suit with TikTok’s short videos but upon realizing its incredible power. Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram wasted no time in incorporating the short format video as a method by which content creators tell their stories.

All content creators who are serious about growing their brand and reach make sure of their presence on all major social media platforms. This includes making short videos that they can post as Instagram Reels, Facebook Reels, and YouTube shorts.

This informative read will be concerned with sharing how you can post reels on Facebook, how to create them, and the benefits of posting short video clips to your brand. Read on and level up your reach, influence, and monetary capacity with the power of Facebook reels.

What Are Facebook Reels and the Benefits of Using Them?

how to make a reel on Facebook

Facebook reels are presently the most popular type of Facebook media that Facebook users consume. A Facebook reel plays as long as an Instagram reel or a TikTok video and is, in essence, quite the same as the aforementioned short-form video content.

These reels are highly engaging content that runs for several seconds to a minute. They are usually fun, trending clips that contain music, AR effects, and text overlay.

As for benefits, these Facebook reels give content creators the power to reach more of their target audience within the shortest time. This most efficient type of media gains the Facebook creator the potential of garnering a ton of views, all thanks to Facebook reel’s ease of use.

With Facebook reels, the content creation process is now easier than ever. A creator can make them from their mobile device to share them directly to their news feed.

Reels are also naturally easier to produce compared to long-form videos that play for several minutes. The Facebook reel’s brevity will save hours of editing, too, allowing the creator to produce more reels for the same amount of time.

More reels on Facebook will pad a creator’s Facebook folio with more content that will potentially give them a chance to attract sponsors. Each Facebook reel will also be earning itself its monetization stream in the form of Stars from Facebook users.

How to Create Facebook Reels

Facebook reels are very easy to create. All you need is a short video and your phone! These videos take a short time to make. If you think you have an interesting and engaging video that your audience will appreciate, then you are halfway there.

Follow these steps on how to make a reel on Facebook:

1.  Record a short and captivating video on your phone’s camera app.

2.  Whip out your phone and go to the Facebook app.

3.  Tap on your profile pic icon in the top-right corner of your Facebook Home screen.

4. Tap on the ‘Reels’ icon on the subsequent menu screen.

5.  Tap on the ‘Create’ camera icon button at the top of the subsequent screen.

6.  Scroll and choose the short, interesting video you recorded earlier.

7.  You can now create a Facebook reel with Facebook’s editing features and special effects.

8.  Add music and/or a voice-over that you want through the Audio button.

9.  Add text if you want to via the Text button.

10.  Add stickers if you want and tap ‘Next.’

11.  Tag people, edit your reel privacy settings, share on Instagram (if you want to), and add a location.

12.  Tap ‘Share now,’ and you will have created your first Facebook Reel!

Ways to Edit Facebook Reels

There are 2 ways to edit your Facebook reel; through your phone’s native camera editing options and Facebook reels editing features:

Through your phone’s native camera options

a.  Tap on your phone’s Gallery app.

b.  Tap ‘Camera’ on the subsequent menu.

c.   Scroll through the videos and tap on the video you wish to edit.

d.  Tap on the ‘Edit’ icon represented by the paintbrush.

e.  You can edit and lift the section of the video you want to use for your Facebook reel.

Through Facebook’s editing features

a.  Open your phone’s camera app and choose Video. Shoot a short, interesting video by tapping the red record button.

b.  Open the Facebook app on your phone.

c.  On the Facebook Home screen, tap your profile pic icon menu in the top-right corner.

d.  Tap on ‘Reels’ represented by a play button on a clapper.

e.  Tap on the ‘Create’ button at the top of the subsequent Reels screen.

f.  The Create button will lead to a screen that will show the video you recorded earlier. Tap on this video to edit it.

g.  Tap on the ‘Edit’ button on the lower left part of the screen.

h.  You will be able to use the Add, Replace, Crop, Mirror, and Speed editing options.

i. Edit your video until you are content, and tap ‘Done’ at the top-most portion of the screen. 

Steps to Post a Reel on Facebook

After you have edited your video to your heart’s content, it will be time to post it to Facebook. Here are the steps on how to post a reel on Facebook:

1.  Open the Facebook app on your phone.

2.  Tap on your profile icon.

3.  Tap on ‘Reels.’

4.  Tap the ‘Create’ button at the top of the Reels screen.

5.  Pick a video you wish to post as a Facebook Reel.

6.  Use whatever editing and effects features are available to you.

7.  Once you are content with the video, tap ‘Next.’

8.  Edit your sharing and privacy options.

9.  Tap ‘Share now’ and wait for the “Your video is ready to view” notification to know that you have posted your Facebook Reel.

Can One Share Reels from Instagram on Facebook?

Yes, you can. These are the steps to take:

1.  Open the Instagram app on your phone.

2.  Tap on the + icon in the top-right corner of the Instagram Home screen.

3.  Tap ‘Reel’ on the subsequent menu.

4.  Record a short video or choose one from your phone’s gallery.

5.  Edit the video.

6.  Tap ‘Next.’

7.  Edit the sharing settings by turning ‘Sharing to Facebook’ to On. Tap ‘Next.’

8.  Tap ‘Share,’ and your Instagram Reel will also be shared as a Facebook Reel.

TIP!: Make sure your Instagram and Facebook Accounts are linked together.

Short Format Is Video Content Norm

Take advantage of this and create as many reels as you can. Get in the short video format game right now if you haven’t already, and surprise yourself with the benefits of expanded reach and influence of your brand.

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