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Consiga 5.000 gostos na página do Facebook todos os meses

A nossa metodologia de crescimento orgânico "definir e esquecer" garante-lhe a obtenção consistente dos resultados que procura, sem complicações.

Em conformidade com os TOS do Facebook

Optimização Executada por IA

Seguidores direccionados e específicos de um nicho

Tecnologia Definir - Esquecer

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Get 5,000 Facebook Page Likes Every Month

The #1 Organic Facebook Growth Service

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Em conformidade com os TOS do Facebook

Targeted Niche Specific Page Likes​

AI Powered Optimization

Set It - Forget It Technology

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Testemunhos de Clientes

Críticas reais, de clientes reais da VerveBook

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Get Free Facebook Likes in Just 3 Simple Steps

Want to get free Facebook likes to improve your reach and sales? Vervebook can help you gain a significant number of likes without requiring you to do anything. We help you gain new followers and more likes to raise brand popularity among your target audience.

Tell Us Your Target Audience

Vervebook begins the process by understanding your target audience to create a targeted marketing technique. Your dedicated account manager will try to target a niche-specific audience interested in your content. Targeting the right audience will maximize your free Facebook page likes, helping you to grow your page.



Tell Us Your Target Audience

Give us some information about your intended audience, and we'll ensure that all of your new subscribers are highly targeted, niche-specific, and likely to engage with your content. Your dedicated account manager will oversee the process.


We Grab Their Attention

Vervebook will practice the Mother/Child method. Our experts will create 25 to 100 Twitter/Reddit/Instagram accounts and contact your target audience on your behalf. We will daily write a message to several people, similar to: "Hi! We notice you liked our content. You can visit another age (your company's name) for more interesting and unique content.”


We Grab Their Attention

We employ the Mother/Child method to grow your account. Depending on your chosen package, we will set up 25-100 Instagram, Twitter, or Reddit accounts on your behalf. These accounts send DMs to hundreds of people each day, encouraging them to visit your page.

Boost Your Page Likes

Our strategically designed and up-to-date practices allow us to direct thousands of new followers to your content. No! You don’t need to give us your password or any personal details. Your dedicated account manager will just need your page name to divert your target audience to your social media pages.



Boost Your Page Likes

Our Mother/Child approach results in thousands of new page likes being directed to your page without the need for your Facebook password. Just provide us with your page name, and we'll send traffic your way using our army of social media accounts.

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AI-Powered Improvement

We rely on the latest technology, including AI. Vervebook uses it to understand your target demographics and interests, helping us determine what content and services will attract them the most. Our strategically designed algorithm will only interact with interested people. This approach will help you gain a more focused audience that will support you for a longer time.

Features of VerveBook

Just a small selection of what we have to offer

Rapid Growth

We offer you the fastest growth of your social media page, giving you free Facebook photo likes and followers.

Increase Your Social Influence

Social influence helps you gain steady growth of your page. We offer users who follow your content for a lifetime.

Targeted Audience

Vervebook helps you engage with potential Facebook followers who want to dig deeper into your niche through targeted methods.

Competitor Filtering

Your account manager will interact with your competitor audience, helping them access more content in your niche.

Why Should You Grow Your
Facebook Page Likes with Us?

You will gain a large number of new followers in a short time without leveraging any unethical or illegal marketing techniques. We help you gain organic and focused followers who want to gain knowledge in your niche.


Facebook algorithms and policies change on a regular basis. We designate a team for your account that manages your page to meet all Facebook requirements. Our different teams work together to maximize outcomes.

1-0n-1 Consulting

You might have specific needs and requirements that you need to fulfill. We designate a manager to handle your account. They’ll understand your requirements and customize strategies to meet them.

AI-powered optimization

We use AI-powered optimization that leverages old and current records and data to improve your content and marketing practices. This approach helps us refine our strategies to get free Facebook likes.

24/7 Support

If you’re a novice in the social media world, you might struggle with managing technical problems. Our team is available 24/7 so you can contact us anytime to address your issues and engage followers.

Bank Level Security

We care for your privacy and security. Therefore, we use bank-graded security to protect your personal information and Facebook content. Well, your information security is our biggest priority.

Compliant with Facebook TOS

Our team is fully aware of Facebook’s laws and policies. We always stay under Facebook's follow and like limits. This prevents sudden Facebook suspension and several problems.


Whether digital, content, or influencer marketing, it can cost you a lot of money. Vervebook ensures you get excellent services and promising and long-lasting results at an affordable cost.

No Downloads

There is no need to download and install something. Vervebook is modern cloud-based technology. Once you subscribe to one of our plans, we start working to boost your free Facebook post likes.

Set It & Forget It

Subscribe to a plan, set up the campaign, and enjoy fantastic results. Once you contact us, there is not too much to do for you - just leave everything to us.

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How Much Money Can I Make
From My Facebook Page?

After 6 months with VerveBook, you can expect your page to grow by 30,000 likes.
Let’s suppose you make two posts per day and 25% of your posts are sponsored shoutouts.

0 k
Page Likes
0 /post
0 posts

Monthly Profit from a Facebook Page with 30k Page Likes

Revenue from

With 30k page likes, brands will pay you an average of $300 per sponsored post.


Adspend value from profile posts

With 30k page likes, each profile post will have an average of 7,500 impressions, equivalent to $60 in adspend.


Total Earnings

$8,100 / month

Ask yourself, can you afford NOT to grow your Facebook page?

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The Proof Is In The Results
Real Accounts. Real Growth.

Page Likes
Before Vervebook

Page Likes
After Vervebook

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Choose Your Package


Start targeting and attracting page likes

$ 0

Designed for Personal Accounts Looking to Experience Organic Growth

40 Facebook Accounts Sending You Traffic

Cancel Anytime

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Accelerated growth for serious results

$ 0

Significantly Faster Growth. Designed for Upcoming Influencers and Businesses

80 Facebook Accounts Sending You Traffic

Cancel Anytime


The fastest growth service on the market

$ 0

Exceptional Organic Growth. The Fastest Facebook Growth Service on the Market.

200 Facebook Accounts Sending You Traffic

Cancel Anytime

Still Have Questions?
We Have The Answers

We have trained and skilled experts who understand the ins and outs of Facebook and its policies. Our team uses targeted methods and impressive technology to attract new followers.  We make sure to use organic activities to gain authentic and organic followers willing to learn about your page and benefit from your content.

Vervebook has designed a Mother/Child technology that includes various thoughtfully designed steps. This process includes setting up a number of accounts on different digital platforms on your behalf, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We use the accounts to message your target audience and compel them to follow your page, resulting in Facebook free likes. Generally, we choose social media sites with a large audience. This way, they’re more likely to learn and dig deeper into the content and knowledge you share, resulting in brand awareness.

Yes! Though we don’t ask for any of your personal information and details, we ensure that the information you shared stays secure. We use several privacy policies to secure your information. Our marketing strategies pass through different stages to protect the information of marketing results and increase followership.

Due to our reliable and credible marketing strategies, we’ve supported around 7,500 accounts across different social media platforms by practicing genuine and organic methods. Our experienced and trained experts always stay within the Facebook limits of likes and followers. This protects your Facebook page from struggling with unseen suspensions for a longer time. Since Facebook policies update after some time, our professionals keep themselves updated with changing algorithms and policies of the social media site.

Whether you’re running a company, an agency, or an online celebrity, Vervebook can help grow your account. Hence, our services work for every type of account on Facebook. This is because our set of staple practices is easy to customize and refine based on your needs, preferences, and specific niche.

In all these years, we’ve worked with all sorts of brands, individuals, and influencers from around the globe and helped them spread their message and content. Since we’ve started out, there hasn’t been a single account we failed to manage.

So, if you struggle to access a larger audience, we can help you in this case. We can divert your competitor’s audience to you with simple yet effective techniques. We can also help get more likes on Facebook for free.

While we don’t promise a certain number of followers in a specific time period, you can expect to gain an unexpected amount of followers in a few weeks. As you continue to use our services, your followers, likes, shares, comments, and reach will increase.

Additionally, several factors decide the number of followers you can gain in a month or two. This includes your target audience, profile attractiveness, services or products, industry, type of content, and overall marketing strategy. But the most important factor that decides the results is your content type. Well, we will do our part, but when the content you share is poorly designed, it’s not only hard to gain new followers but difficult to retain the old ones. So, be sure that the content you share provides any value to followers.

We’ve created different plans to help people opt for the one that falls within their budget. Each package comes with different fees and services. The lowest price packages take more time to grow your follower base than premium plans. While the growth of followers is slow, it will be steady and still offer you more organic followers than any other cheap advertising.

You can discuss your requirements and needs with our experts, and tell them about your budget. This will help them offer you a plan that will work best for you and offer you free Facebook post likes. We also offer customized services to incorporate additional features into your plan to meet your specific needs.

You can cancel your free trial at any time within a period of three days. No money will be deducted from your account, and you don’t need to pay the penalty. However, the fees will be deducted from your account if you cancel a subscription after the free trial. But don’t worry- you can claim a refund.

Vervebook offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. This way, you get your money back if you’re not satisfied with free Facebook photo likes and other services. Once you claim, you’ll get back the amount of money for the remaining days of the month.

If you’re not satisfied with the results and want to cancel the plan but are worried about your money, we have a solution for you. You can always cancel and claim a refund. We will transfer the monthly payment back to your account in a few days.

You can also cancel at any anytime of the month. But make sure to claim a refund right after canceling a subscription. Our team will contact you, take some details, and refund you in no time.

Vervebook uses breakthrough technologies and proven marketing methods to ensure that clients can get long-lasting followers on Facebook. Our highly targeted Mother/Child method can help brands, agencies, and individuals get more likes on Facebook for freeWe can help companies in different industries offer all sorts of products and services.

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