How Many People Use Facebook Messenger?

In this era of technology, communication has been made easier through the use of the Internet. People need only to install a messaging application on their mobile phone and they can immediately be in touch with anyone in the world.

But just how many people use Facebook Messenger? Let’s see the user base reports to find out the answer.

Why Is Facebook Messenger so Popular Now?

Since its creation, Facebook has steadily increased in popularity among internet users. It has become the leading giant among social media networks used by the general populace. The user base has reached roughly 3 billion active users in 2023.

These Facebook users would naturally utilize its messaging feature to connect with other people on the platform. And so, the millions and billions of Facebook users became instant fans of Messenger, its built-in messaging feature, when it became a standalone application. And the messaging app’s user share is in the millions overnight.

Today, Messenger is the second most popular messaging app next to WhatsApp, which is also owned by Meta. Since almost all mobile phone users have Messenger installed on their devices, it was so convenient. You can contact almost anybody with this handy app. It satisfactorily fed the human’s natural need to connect and socialize.

How Many People Use Facebook Messenger?

So, just how popular is Messenger? Let’s take a look at Messenger’s user statistics to find out and let the numbers do the talking.

  • There are more than 1.3 billion active Messenger app users.
  • Over 900 million people are using Messenger every month.
  • Of the total users, 183 million active users are in the United States.
  • Average users spend about 3 hours on the Messenger app every month. This means people spend a minimum of 6 minutes per day on the app.
  • More than 40 million firms around the globe use Messenger in conducting their business.

Usage statistics suggest that people prefer connecting with others on a daily basis via mobile apps like Messenger. Even businesses have migrated their contact lines and customer service over to Facebook Messenger. It was just that good. And to expound on this, we’ll outline the prominent reasons why everyone should be using Messenger.

Reasons Why Messenger Is Worth Using

Messenger is mainly used for communicating with others. However, there are more benefits than meets the eye.

1. It’s Free!

The Messenger platform has been designed to connect users around the globe. True to its goal, the company gave users free access to its text chat and video call services. All you needed was an internet or data connection. Unlimited messaging and chatting with anyone for free opened up doors and bridged people all over the world.

2. Share photos, videos, and files directly.

People can easily send pictures, videos, and files straight from their phones with the push of a button. They can share moments with others to immortalize the events they’ve experienced. Now, anyone can have a digital copy of moments in their life and have access to valuable files anywhere they are.

For businesses, it meant that they had a venue to personally connect with clients and instantly send them marketing paraphernalia. No need to be physically present to show customers the products.

3. Messaging is instant.

Unlike SMS or email, which are not governed by real-time communication, private messaging is instant. If you see that a person is online on the Messenger app, you can chat with them and expect a reply soon.

This immediacy is to businesses’ advantage, as well, because they can talk with their clients in real time. Addressing customer queries in a timely manner increases their conversion rate.

4. It already has millions of users.

With its popularity, numerous people are present on the platform. You can connect with almost any person from across the globe.

As for businesses, this is the perfect venue to make your brand known. With millions of users on the platform, your target audience is probably already there.  It’s a potential advertising heaven.

5. It makes selling easy.

Facebook Marketplace, where businesses post their products, is seamlessly connected with Messenger. When a user finds an item they like on the Marketplace, there is a Messenger button there to instantly contact the seller.

Interesting Facts on Facebook Messenger

The Messenger app is a great success for something that started simply as a built-in feature on Facebook. Get to know Messenger more with these interesting facts and gain a new appreciation for this wonderful app.

  • You don’t need a Facebook account to be on Messenger. You simply need an email address or a phone number to register.
  • Messenger has been downloaded more than 5 billion times on the Google Play Store.
  • The Messenger app is the second most downloaded iOS app, only next to Facebook.
  • In the two days of the launch of Messenger’s video calling feature, about 1 million calls have been made.
  • Every month, at least 21 billion photos are shared on Messenger.
  • Over 5 million GIFs are sent by users every day to express themselves.
  • There are thousands of emojis and fun stickers that can be used in the app. Getting your feelings across has never been easier with their help.
  • You can even play games with your friends on the app! There’s basketball, soccer, collaborative drawing, and loads of interactive games to choose from.
  • Over 300,000 chatbots are on Messenger to help businesses cater to their clients.

In Conclusion

Facebook Messenger is a great tool that has brought people and businesses closer. With its convenient instant messaging, expressive emojis, stickers, GIFs, audio and video call capabilities, and file sharing, Messenger is undoubtedly the Swiss knife of social networking. It can do almost everything you need to connect with people.

After seeing the benefits of using Messenger, you’re probably convinced that every person and every business should be using this messaging app in this day and age.

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