See Private Friends List on Facebook

People on Facebook who make their friends list on Facebook private will only have their list of mutual friends visible to friends and non-friends. This is done by tweaking and editing some preferences in their Facebook privacy settings. Once their friends list is set to “Only me,” then this will make friends list private and only visible to them.

However, if you want to see this hidden friend list, there is a little-known method on how to see someone’s private Facebook friends. As a warning, though, this method should not be used for nefarious purposes like stalking and violating people’s privacy on Facebook.

As a disclaimer, whatever complications or problems you encounter due to abusing this knowledge of being able to view other people’s private friends list will be your responsibility and we here at do not condone any misuse of this knowledge as we only stand for people’s positive Facebook growth through allowed ways. 

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Why Do People Hide their Friends List?

People hide their Facebook friends list because of privacy and security reasons. With how much delicate information there is on social media platforms, it is very easy these days to abuse the privacy of a Facebook profile that has inadequate security settings set in place. Heck, even Facebook profiles that are protected by their owners still fall victim to violators of privacy.

Limiting the number of visible friends you have on Facebook will deter unscrupulous people to some extent, but there are ways other people will enable other people to see your list of Facebook friends that supposedly only you could see.

How to See Someone’s Hidden Friend List of Facebook

For a lot of harmless reasons like curiosity and maybe boredom, you look at other people’s Facebook friends list to search for a person. Facebook is public, after all, so you search Facebook for friends’ lists of other friends until you satiate your curiosity or slay your boredom. But sometimes friend lists are made private by their account owners, and you can’t be sifting through these lists.

To overcome these hurdles in freely viewing people’s hidden Facebook friends, we have compiled a list of ways on how to see private friends list on Facebook:

1. The Facebook Friend Mapper Extension

A.  Here are the steps on how to use the Facebook Friend Mapper extension. To use the Facebook Friend Mapper Extension and reveal a hidden friends list on Facebook, you should have at least one mutual friend with the target profile.

  • Go to the Google Chrome Web Store and search for the Facebook Friend Mapper Extension.
  • Download and install the Facebook Friend Mapper Extension.
  • Add the Facebook Friend Mapper to your Google Chrome browser.
  • Once you have the Facebook Friend Mapper Extension on your Google Chrome browser, login into your Facebook account and go to the profile of the person whose friends list you want to reveal.
  • Once there, click on the “Reveal Friends” on your Facebook Friends Mapper Extension.

B.  There is an Android mobile device version for the Facebook Friends Mapper. If you wish to install this on your phone, visit the APK adviser website and download the APK installer for your Android phone.

2. Some Facebook Tricks

Here is a way to view a hidden friends list on Facebook without the use of any Chrome extension. All you need is some playing around with the URL and all will be revealed.

  • Log in to your Facebook account and access the target profile of the person whose Facebook friends list you want to reveal.
  • Open any post your target profile has posted.
  • In the URL bar, copy the number after “fbid=” and before “&”

Now, paste the number to be inserted between “search” and “friends.” in this URL address: “”

  • Press the Enter key and this will lead you to the target profile’s list of Facebook friends.

3. Bonus!

There used to be a Page on Facebook that you could visit and reveal friends list of people.

It was called the Friend Finder page and all you had to do to reveal a hidden friends page was to access their Mutual Friends section and type the name of your friend’s profile. You select your friend’s name and their friends list will be revealed.

Use at Your Discretion

Know that revealing a friends list that the owner has purposely hidden will violate their privacy, even if they are not aware of it. Please use these methods sparingly and for purposes that will cause any sort of harm to other people. Facebook and social media are powerful tools. Abuse your privileges and you might just regret it.

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