Make Friends List Private on Facebook

Some people feel more private and protected with a Facebook friends list that is hidden from the prying eyes of other people on social media. Maybe you are one of these people and you want to learn how to make your Facebook friends list private. Learn all that and a bit more in this short, informative read.  

As a default setting, all your friends on Facebook will be able to see your friends list. With a little tweaking, you will be able to make it only viewable for the people you choose.

There are a few levels of privacy to which you can tweak your Facebook friends list visibility. It is a matter of picking a preferred privacy setting that works best for you.

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What Happens When You Hide Facebook Friends?

When you hide your friends list on Facebook, only you will be able to see your complete list of Facebook friends and that’s it. You won’t lose friends and Facebook likes if you choose to make your friends list private because this activity is something only you can see.

Your friends will only be able to see a list of mutual friends that you have between yourselves. If this sounds like a thing you don’t mind doing, then you can set your Facebook friends list’s visibility privacy settings to ‘Only me.’

People on Facebook that are not your friends that check your Facebook friends list out will also not see your whole Facebook friends list. Instead, they will only see a list of mutual Facebook friends they have with you.

Your list of Facebook friends will not be hidden from everyone, but at least the limited info of the list of mutual friends you have between people who might want to encroach upon your privacy or just stalk you will have little to work with.

How to Make your Friends List Private On Facebook

Hiding your Facebook friends list is only a matter of tweaking the privacy settings of your Facebook account. There are just more than a few steps to follow whether you are hiding your Facebook friends list via your desktop PC or your mobile phone. It will be as easy as when you want to make photos private on Facebook.

Android phones and iOS devices may have some slight variations regarding the steps in changing your Facebook friends list privacy settings, but they are both easy to do and customize.

Making your Facebook friends list private using your desktop PC:     

1.  Using a web browser, log in to

2.  When you get to your account, click on the drop-down menu represented by a downward button in the upper-right corner of the window.

3.  Click on “Settings & Privacy.”

4.  Click on “Settings” after.

5.  Click on the “Privacy” tab on the menu to the left of the window.

6.  Under “How People Find and Contact You,” look for the “Who can see your friends list.”

7.  Click “Edit.”

8.  If you have not edited this before, it is most likely in the Public setting. Click on the drop-down menu and select “Only me” for the most private setting you can have for your Facebook friends list.

Making your Facebook friends list private using the Facebook app on your iOS or Android phone:

1.  Access the Facebook app on your iOS or Android smartphone.

2.  Tap on the Menu or the 3 horizontal lines.

3.  Tap on “Settings and Privacy.”

4.  Tap on “Settings.”

5.  Under Settings, tap on the “Audience and Visibility” tab.

6.  Tap on “How People Find and Contact You.”

7.  Tap on “Who can see your friends list.”

9.  Tap and check the “Only Me” option for the most private setting you can have for your Facebook friends list.

How to Limit Who Can Send you Friend Requests to You on Facebook

A lot of indiscreet Facebook users send friend requests to people they don’t know. How can you deter these people from harassing you on Facebook, so you wouldn’t have to go through unfriending people on Facebook that you don’t know?

1.  Click on the Downward arrow in the right corner of your Facebook screen.

2.  Click on “Settings.”

3.  Then click “Privacy.”

4.  Under “How People Find and Contact You,” click “Edit” on the “Who can send you friend requests?”

5.  Select “Friends of friends” so that only friends of mutual friends can send you friend requests.

Facebook Should be as Private as You Want it to

Now that you know how to hide the friends list you have on Facebook, you deter strangers from stalking info from your Facebook. Learn more about how to make your Facebook more private and have extra peace of mind about your social media info on the internet.

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