How to Share Facebook Post

A lot of the younger demographic of social media users have already migrated out from Facebook to other social media platforms like Instagram. Still, there are millions if not billions who still carry both a Facebook and an Instagram account. If you are one of these users, then this article is for you, as this short read will discuss how to share Facebook post to Instagram in one simultaneous process.

Posting one entry to two social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram is called cross-posting. An example would be posting social media content like a picture or video on your Facebook page and also posting the same pic or vid on Instagram.

This cross-posting feature on both Facebook and Instagram has been around for some time. If you like saving some time by posting on Facebook and Instagram all at once, then learning how to cross-post is for you.

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Why Should You Cross-Post?

We could think of a few good reasons to cross-post on Facebook and Instagram. All of which have something to do with the convenience. Imagine all the time and effort you will be able to save when you don’t have to create and publish separate posts for Facebook and Instagram. That would just be a nightmare to accomplish, especially if you are a brand that needs to publish a high amount of posts every day.

If your work requires you to be behind a desk and a PC most of the time, then you will love cross-posting, as this allows you to directly post to Instagram through Facebook straight from your PC. Accessing Instagram through your PC will pose a lot of restrictions, and cross-posting will bypass all that hassle.  

Also, being visible on two social platforms after publishing just one post helps with your exposure. Think of the cross-posting feature as your way of getting two birds with just one stone. 

How to Share a Facebook Post to Instagram

Here is a definitive guide on how you can make a Facebook post shareable to your Instagram account. You would be missing out on all the time and effort you will save if you do not learn to cross-post now. Cross-posting could just be the most rewarding “hack” you could do to make engagement across platforms a very easy thing to accomplish.

Step 1: Link your Facebook account with your Instagram account

Before you could enjoy the conveniences of cross-posting, you should link your Facebook account with your Instagram account. With the current update of Facebook this December of 2021, you can only link your Facebook account with your Instagram account through your mobile device.

a.  Open Facebook on your Android or iOS phone.

b.  Tap on the 3 bars menu on your home screen.

c.   Scroll down until you see the “Settings” tab.

d.  Tap on “Settings.”

e.  Scroll down to the very bottom of the next page.

f.  Tap on the Meta (Facebook’s new company name) “Accounts Center.”

g.  Tap on the “Story and Post Sharing” tab.

h.  Tap on your Facebook account name.

i. Under the “Automatically Share” settings, turn on the toggle of “Your Facebook posts.”

 Step 2: Toggle On for Instagram When Posting on Facebook

Whenever you post to your Facebook, note that there will be a tab that has the Instagram logo on it and the “Off” or “On” word. Click on this tab and switch the toggle on this.

Once you have this in place, you can now go ahead and tap “Post” to publish your post both on your Facebook account and on your Instagram account.

Can You Automatically Post From Facebook to Instagram?

If you follow the steps on how to link your Facebook account to your Instagram account, then yes. You may be able to automatically post from Facebook to Instagram. That is the whole point of cross-posting.

But if you are wondering if you can be able to post an already existing Facebook post to your Instagram account, then we’re afraid that that would not be possible. If you want to do this, then you will always have the option of deleting the Facebook post you want to cross-post to Instagram and enable the post to be shared to Instagram. There is also the option of manually going to Instagram to post the content you have already shared on your Facebook. If you share Instagram post to Facebook Story, then that works, too.

Two in One Posts Every Time 

Make your everyday Social media managing so much easier to accomplish by cross-posting the same content on both Facebook and Instagram. Use the time and effort you save by doing other creative things to boost your Facebook presence instead.

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