Facebook has more than 2.91 billion monthly active users, making it the biggest social media network globally. Expanding your social activities outside of Facebook means that you can encourage a part of those followers to follow your other platforms, especially your website. When you want to attract visitors and increase your brand engagement, including websites on Facebook and the other way around can bring a lot of traffic. Even the biggest brands drive traction from different social networks to their websites, which is an excellent trick to add to your marketing strategy. Today we’ll discuss how you can embed Facebook posts and the smartest ways to use them for social media growth. 

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What Does Embed Mean?

Embedding means adding links of content (text, images, GIFs, videos) to your websites or social media posts. Although you initially copy it as a link/code, the embedded post will appear as an image on the post you’ve embedded it in, and people can click on it to visit the original post, image, video, etc. 

Before we dive into the procedure, you should know that you can embed only a public post, and you can do that from a personal profile or a Facebook Page. 

How to Embed Facebook Posts on Your Website?

Embedding Facebook posts is simple and only takes a few lines of code. But, if this is your first time doing it, the procedure can be a bit confusing, and you might need an extra hand. You can embed all public posts on your website, meaning that people can interact, leave comments, like, and use the share buttons. In addition, Facebook offers a free code generator, where all you need to do is paste a link to the post or photo you want to embed and click the Get Code button. 

Here’s how you can get a code manually directly from posts and paste it wherever you want on your web page: 

  1. Find the post or photo you want to embed. Remember that the content you want to share has to be public, whether it’s a personal profile or a page on Facebook. 
  2. Click on the down arrow icon in the top right part of the post. If you want to share a photo, this button will be in the bottom right part of the post. 
  3. A drop-down menu will appear. Click on Embed Post. 
  4. The code will appear on your screen. The code is already selected, so you can just copy it.
  5. Now you can paste it wherever you want in your web content. First, open the website’s source code, and choose the best place to paste the code from the Facebook post. 

Using a Plugin 

You can get many additional plugins, customize your website and create an entire Facebook section. These plugins offer numerous features, including sharing an entire photo album instead of multiple photo posts, reviews, events, posts, editing the layout of your Facebook feed (cover photo, profile picture, albums, posts, reviews), and much more. Additionally, most of these plugins have a post editor that makes content management a piece of cake. You can even use a comments plugin to let your website visitors comment on your posts using their Facebook profiles. If you’re looking for diverse customization options for websites that will help you edit your Facebook feed to fit the brand theme on the website, then these plugins will become your favorite tools. 

Ways You Can Use Embedded Facebook Posts

Why are embedded posts so important? Aside from driving direct traffic from one source to another, these posts can have various other purposes. Although most internet users underestimate embedding on Facebook, there are many smart ways to use this feature. 

For example, adding a PayPal Donate button when you want to help someone is an excellent way to show the community that you care, and you can help less-fortunate people and different causes. Another great example is embedding a call-to-action button to your posts and stimulating social media users to call you, get an offer, book, etc. 

Here are a few reasons why you should remember to embed posts when planning content for your website and the best ways you can use them to boost your social marketing activities:

1. Enrich Your Content

Your blog posts will be much more exciting and engaging if people can see what you’re talking about through examples. This is really essential for business owners that sell products or services since they can show detailed pictures of how the products/services look, how the visitors can use them, and more. 

2. Share Positive Experiences 

You can use reviews and positive social posts to share customers’ experiences with your business. In other words, embedded posts can help you create social proof and build a trustworthy brand. 

3. Share Video Content

Video marketing is at its peak, with more social media platforms focusing on this type of content. In other words, if you enrich your posts with videos, it’s more likely that your engagement will be higher. So, instead of including a video directly to a blog post, you can first post it on Facebook, then embed it to the post on your website. As a result, it will get traction from both places and engage your readers to visit your Facebook Page. 

4. Best Of

“Best Of” posts are another way to promote your work for free. This can be a roundup of the year, month, week, or any other “Best Of” idea you have. If you open your Facebook Insights, you can see the posts with the highest engagement; you can open them, get the code, and then share them on your website. 


Embedding Facebook posts on other platforms is one of the best tactics to drive traffic from one place to another without paying a cent. When you add a Facebook post to your website blog, you’ll let your readers know that you’re also active on other platforms, and you’ll be surprised to see how many of them will check out your content, like, comment and share. Embedded links are simple to add; just follow the two guides we described above, and get ready to see the power of cross-promotion.

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